SS3: The built-in, "anything" slider.

In 2011 we launched the third iteration of an integrated slide show that we'd been putting in seyDesign RapidWeaver® themes since 2010. This third version, dubbed SS3, was also the first time we'd opened up the source for all developers to use in their own themes.

SS3 allows users to turn just about anything into a slide show. From built-in images, remote images, content, stacks and more!

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SlideNum by Adam Merrifield, 11 Sep 2012.Download

The SlideNum snippet is a complimentary snippet for use with SeydoggySlideshow 3 (or SS3) enabled themes. The sdSlideNum snippet is a method for defining how many slides to show and in which order, should you find the built-in slide sequences do not suit your needs.


  1. Download and install the SlideNum snippet.

  2. Open the Page Inspector (RapidWeaver > View > Show Page Inspector).

  3. Be sure that the setting found in Page Inspector > Styles > Slide show type > Off / Manual (snippet) is selected.

  4. Paste this snippet into Page Inspector > Header > JavaScript changing each number to suit your needs.

    The snippet will look like this:

    sdSS.slideNum = [3,5,1,9,15];

    Each number corresponds to a header image (i.e. "3" is "Background image 3" from the Page Inspector > Styles > Background (header/slide show)[EC 1] menu). The order of the numbers will coincide with the order of your slides.

  5. sdSlideNum is actually a simple comma separated list. Adding or removing slides in the sequence is just a matter of adding or removing numbers from the list. Just make sure that each number is separated from the next number by a comma, making sure that the last number in the list is NOT followed by a comma.

    Here are just a few examples:

    1. A sequence that starts at header image 1 and goes through to header image 8:

      sdSS.slideNum = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8];
    2. A sequence of header images from 20 to 16 in reverse order:

      sdSS.slideNum = [20,19,18,17,16];
    3. A sequence of 7 random header image starting at 9 and ending 10:

      sdSS.slideNum = [9,6,11,2,20,17,10];