SS3: The built-in, "anything" slider.

In 2011 we launched the third iteration of an integrated slide show that we'd been putting in seyDesign RapidWeaver® themes since 2010. This third version, dubbed SS3, was also the first time we'd opened up the source for all developers to use in their own themes.

SS3 allows users to turn just about anything into a slide show. From built-in images, remote images, content, stacks and more!

SS3 icon

SlideBox Stack by Adam Merrifield, 11 Sep 2012.Download

SlideBox is a simple, effective stack that allows you to create a content-rich slide show in any SeydoggySlideshow 3 (or SS3) enabled theme. From simple text and images or anything you can imagine, your SS3 enabled theme will turn each box into it's own slide.

Using the built-in slide show controls in your SS3 enabled theme, you can add flare to your content slide show with speed settings, delays and special effects. Or take it a step further and use the advanced tricks in the SS3 User API to link each slide to another destination.


  1. Download and install the SlideBox stack.

  2. Drag a SlideBox stack from your Stacks Library onto your Stacks page.

  3. Drag other stacks into each available content space and propagate each item with text and media as needed.

  4. To add or remove items from your slide show, open the SlideBox stacks HUD and select the number of items you want in your slide show.

  5. Refer to your themes Styles panel for further settings.